Best Acne Treatment – Acne Treatments That Really Work

Which acne treatments actually work? There are so many on the market, so many fake and exaggerated acne treatment reviews floating about, it’s almost impossible today to get an accurate representation of an acne treatment. But, there’s no more need to worry, as long as you know what you’re looking for. Acne companies make outrageous claims as to what their acne products can do, when in fact their acne creams make acne worse. In this article, we’ll look into how you can find an acne treatment that works for you, and how to use this knowledge to make a wise acne treatment purchase.

Acne treatments that work treat acne by unclogging pores, killing off p.-acne, and slowing down the excretion of sebum. By solving all three of these problems, it is almost certain that you can become acne free. However, treating acne isn’t this simple – otherwise we’d all be acne free. No acne treatment performs these three steps perfectly. Some acne treatments unclog pores, or kill off bacteria better than others, however each acne treatment has a certain type of side effect you should be aware of. Some acne treatments initially treat acne, but they stop working after just a couple of weeks. Some acne treatments worsen acne initially, but slowly improve the skin. To understand how acne products will react with your skin, you need to understand what your skin needs.

For example, if your skin is dry, you’re going to need to find an acne treatment that doesn’t dry out the skin; dry skin leads to acne breakouts. This eliminates over half of the acne treatments currently on the market, because those acne treatments use chemicals that absorb skin moisture. If your skin excretes too much oil, you probably want an acne treatment that dries out the skin, or even better yet, an acne treatment that slows down sebum production. Also, do your pimples hurt – are they red and puffy? You need an acne treatment that kills off bacteria effectively. Or, maybe you have tons of whiteheads and blackheads. A good acid that eliminates extra dead skin cells on the skin will do the job. The type of acne treatment you need is based solely on what your skin needs. Until you figure out specifically what treatment your skin needs to be acne free, you’re going to continue to suffer from acne. We’ll discuss quickly a few types of popular chemicals used to treat acne.

One such chemical is benzoyl peroxide. This chemical is one of the best in terms of killing off the p.-acne. It does so so effectively, you might even consider purchasing a bottle of 10% benzoyl peroxide and applying it directly on the affected area. Benzoyl peroxide is mainly for spot treatments, since it does dry out the skin. Overuse of benzoyl peroxide will render this chemical useless and will even cause additional acne breakouts. No chemical is perfect for the treatment of acne.

Another chemical is salicylic acid. This chemical is in almost every single acne treatment currently on the market because it effectively unclogs clogged pores. This is a very important step in the acne treatment process. By allowing the pores to be clean, sebum can once again flow out freely, diminishing your acne. However, salicylic acid is almost useless against severe acne, and it doesn’t work for all skin types.

There are many chemicals, as well as natural ingredients, currently being used for the treatment of acne. There is no miracle acne treatment, despite what acne companies like to claim. Be sure to do proper research on ingredients for each acne treatment and understand how the acne treatment will react with your skin. Also, beware of skin irritants! Skin irritants, including many recommended home remedies, may initially help treat acne, but it damages the skin, causing further acne breakouts in the future. A common skin irritant is toothpaste. Toothpaste is strong enough to kill off some nasty bacteria, and even though it kills off individual pimples quickly, it damages the skin in the process. Many acne products include skin irritants without telling you! Be sure to read positive reviews of the product before you purchase it.

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