The Truth Behind Back Acne

It seems apparently that back acne is a lesser problem than the ones that appear on the face; this is because of the simple reason that they are on the portion of the skin that is covered by clothes. However the fact remains that back acne still remains a major cause for worry. Those who have them face embarrassment at places such as the gym and at the beach where they have to take off the cloth.

So if you are one of the victims of back acne and want to get a cure for it, you are in luck because this article is just for you. I have suffered from acne in the face and back for in excess of 7 years and have always wanted to come out with a permanent remedy. And with my continued research, I have finally found the relief that works not just for back acne, but also for the ones in the other places.

This article discusses why someone has back acne and how they are different to facial acne. And not only that, you will also learn how you too can solve the back acne problems.

All about back acne

There are various kinds of back acne such as whiteheads and blackheads and then there are big cystic acnes that reach deeper into the skin. The difference between facial acne and back acne is that when they come up in the back, the treatment becomes more problematic, and back acne is also more prevalent. This makes it quite annoying.

In the back side of a human the number of sebaceous glands is much more and due to this the production of natural oils are also higher. This and also the fact that the human skin on the back is tougher ensure that back acne is usually severer than when they are formed on the face. The presence of cysts and nodules in large numbers also does not help this matter.

Why back acne occurs?

There are many who mistakenly think that back acne is caused when the skin is overexposed to the Sun ; they believe that this happens because the skin becomes dry from the exposure and thus ends up making more sebum to counter this. This extra sebum chokes the hair follicles, thus leading to the formation of the acne. Some also believe that back acne happens from low levels of nutrients in the body. However the fact is that, why back acne happens goes much deeper than this.

In truth, the causes of all kinds of acne, including back acne, lesions on the face, neck, whiteheads or blackheads are the same and they are the buildup of toxins in the body and an imbalance in the level of hormones.

Yes it is true that the skin on the back is tougher and there are more sebaceous glands here, but these factors do not cause back acne. However these factors may still make the symptoms worse. So go ahead and put on that moisturizer or stop exposing your skin to the Sun: these measures will definitely decrease the symptoms. However the back acne itself cannot be cured.

How is back acne different to the lesions on the face or the body?

The main difference cannot be attributed to the external features of the various body parts such as the number of sebaceous glands or the toughness of the skin or the level of dryness. Understanding this is crucial for handling the symptoms of the condition and for treatment that is applied externally.

But there is a basic difference between back acne and the ones in the other parts such as facial acne and this difference is in the inside. Back acne basically happens from a high level of toxins in the lymph and the blood rather than from imbalance of the hormones.

Toxicity thus plays a more crucial role for back acne and it is not so the case for acne on the face. However hormonal imbalance still plays a role (even though it is not the #1 reason). This factor always has an impact; it is just that in back acne, it is not the major and dominant cause.

The only cure that works for back acne

The correct approach is really quite simple: you have to fight the internal causes and neutralize them and once the real causes are taken on, the back acne problem can be permanently cured.

But do remember that since toxicity is the major cause, the treatment focus should also be to reduce the levels of the toxins.

Back acne can be best solved through the holistic path. The holistic approach not only challenges the external factors that worsen the acne, but it also treats the condition from the inside and offers tips to change the lifestyle so that you can lead a healthy life and finally get rid of back acne.

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